Creative Daily RAW!

Creative Daily RAW!

designed for whom already have basic RAW knowledge

twice a month (every 2nd and 4th Tuesday: 11:00~ 14:00)

1 season = 6 lessons

Start from 25th January: 


Explore your RAW skills with this classes designed for whom has already basic RAW knowledge and yet wishes to expand and be creative with your daily RAW meal.  


Lesson fee:  5000 yen per lesson

Opening special treat: (Pay 5 for 6: when you pay for whole season in advance, we will offer you a Opening special discount of 1 lesson, it is more than 15% discount)




Let's fast with the new moon!

MEGUMI practices fasting regularly.  It clears your body and your mind.  When the new moon starts, it gives you extra power and effect on your fasting.  So why not take this chance!  MEGUMI will guide you to very new you!!


You can choose your fasting term of 1 day ~ 5 days (4~5days session is only recomend for whom experienced) 

fasting with enzyme juice: 1 bottle per day 

recomendation enzyme juice= bioenzyme 6,500 yen per bottle.

coaching fee: 5000 yen including pre-fasting session and apre-fasting session with herbal tea and raw delights)


Fasting course starts:

Jan 23rd  16:00 ~   18:30~

Feb 21nd 16:00~,   18:30~

March 22nd 16:00~, 18:30~

April 21st 16:00 ~,  18:30 ~