RAW-living food experience

  - prepare and enjoy RAW food together - 


If you are looking for a special event for your family, friends or colleagues to get together, how about preparing and enjoying RAW food.  


The studio can accomodate small group up to 12, or MEGUMI will come to a venue of your choice for larger groups.  It is not only fun to make and taste, but it can have more effects such as Team building, get-know-each-other, sharing experience.  MEGUMI will design the event according to your purpose.  


After a fun event, everybody is little healthier and happier ... with new food in town.


 - an introduction to RAW food for everybody - 

MEGUMI also has ideas of providing RAW input to canteens in schools, companies, hospitals, eldery peoples house, etc in a form of Living Micro juice or super power salads and more.   MEGUMI's dream is "an office has a jucer equipped at their coffee corner.... so that employees can make thier own living juice at any time". Of coures the one used the jucer has to wash it clear for the next!!  Introduction of this healthy habit will brirng a different aspect to work floor.