Living Beauty Therapy

 - Find your true beauty - 

This, Living Beauty Association certificated therapy aims to improve your health conditions in general, skin conditions, digestive conditions, weight control etcfdepending your personal needs in 5 weeks.  Introducing living micro juice and raw food life style and other feel-you-good tips of natural therapies.  It t invites you to a holistic approach.  


Step 1: 【Intake councelling】 (1hr)

*After hearing your health condition and daily life style,

         Share suggestions based on RAW food/ natural therapy.              *Set a goal for the 5 weeks


Step 2: 【Basic lesson on how to make living micro juice 】(1hr)
  * Learn how to make living micro juice 

  * Make it and taste it
  * and how to bring it into practice

Step3: 【Feel better practice 】(5 weeks) 


Step 4: 【supporting telephone consults】 

    once a week (max. 15min by phone) x 4 

    Review the past week, check the change/ effects, clear    

    quesitons, doubt etc and create a plan for the coming week.


Step 5: 【After 5th week , face to face councelling】 (1hr)

      *Evaluate the changes that you experienced and effects              and create a future support plan. 


【Therapy fee 】¥30,000-